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Excerpt from Turbulent Beginnings: The moment the Marquess of Geary, Cole Stanton meets America adversary Captain Pipperton.


Cole felt someone approach the porch behind him and turned. At Maxwell’s groan of frustration, Cole’s interest in the newcomer increased ten-fold.

“Captain Pipperton, what splendid timing.” Maxwell’s sarcasm wasn’t lost on anyone and the man hurried to greet the captain at the door, but Cole was blocking the entrance.

“Captain Pipperton, I’m Lord Geary.” Cole introduced himself to the large man with dark bulbous eyes. His black hair was slicked back and tied with a leather band at the nape of his brawny neck. “And how are you affiliated with Mr. Maxwell?” Cole didn’t care if his question was out of line, he could feel the tension fill the air and he was curious to know why it was there.

Captain Pipperton gave him a wide grin and then glanced over at Maxwell. Cole vaguely noticed Miss Bancroft cowering in the background.

“I’m Miss Bancroft’s intended.” He boasted smugly as he moved around Cole to stand next to Maxwell inside the house.

“Miss Kate Bancroft?” Cole questioned and all the men looked back at the young brunette lady in question. Cole saw her one uninjured eye widen in what he assumed to be panic.

“Heaven help us if there were more.” Pipperton turned back to Cole with a laugh.

Cole couldn’t help himself. The lack of empathy was his breaking point. He pulled his arm back and punched Captain Pipperton in his big grinning face. The man went down like a large tree. “As my father is fond of saying, ‘The bigger they are, the harder they fall.’”

Cole winked at Miss Bancroft and bowed to Maxwell. His mood felt lighter as he took one last look at the unconscious abuser. “Good day, Maxwell.” He left without a backward glance and jumped into the vehicle next to Harrison, feeling vindicated.

As the carriage shot off down the driveway, Harrison couldn’t help but laugh. “Was that the man, my lord?”

“Responsible for my father’s stolen shipments?” Cole ran the possibility through his head. “Of that I’m not certain, but the man deserved far more than being knocked on his ass. His petite young fiancée was inside and she looked like someone dropped a house on her due to his heavy hand.”

“I see.”  Harrison said nothing more as the carriage continued on its way.


Turbulent Beginnings is available in ebook at B & N, Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, and more. The paperback is available through Amazon.;jsessionid=FDC0C5A2796225CC3DA081F818217548.prodny_store01-atgap09?ean=2940163126873

Turbulent Beginnings is available in paperback on Amazon.

Excerpt from Turbulent Beginnings. Kate garners the courage to run away from her abuser and finds herself at the docks looking for a ship to stowaway upon.

Kate tried to stay in the shadows, hidden beneath the hood of her cloak. The docks were crowded and this helped her to blend in with the arriving immigrants and workers. Mentally weary, she sat down on an empty wooden crate against one of the buildings, being sure to steer clear from Ernest’s storehouse. She shook with nervousness as she leaned against the wall and peered around, looking for the right moment to sneak up a gangplank and stow away on a ship. She rubbed her sweaty palms on her servant dress. Her face was throbbing from her abuse, but she had no time to consider her pain.

She paid close attention to the people chatting around her. The last thing she needed was to board a ship bound for Timbuktu or some other bizarre destination.

Hours later, the sun began to sink lower on the horizon and the docks began to clear.  Kate knew if she was to do this, it was time to make her move.

She starred at the ship named Fidelity. It was a huge cargo ship bound for England. After watching the comings and goings on the ship, she deemed it perfect for her. The Fidelityhad a small crew with a large cargo hold in which to hide. Kate decided not to dwell on what would happen to her if she were to be caught by the crew. Best to focus on one problem at a time. Right now, she needed to determine the best way to board the vessel undetected.

She decided to carry the empty crate upon which she was sitting in the hopes that it would appear that she was assisting with the loading of goods. Shoving her bag inside the wooden crate, she lifted it, and as soon as the gangplank was empty, she hurried up the boards with assured steps.


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