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Turbulent Beginnings is available in paperback on Amazon.

New Release

Excerpt from Turbulent Beginnings. The heroine, Kate Bancroft is hiding from her abuser.


          She hugged Tut close in an effort to comfort herself as much as to appease the cat who seemed to sense when a beating was eminent. Perhaps the cat knew something was amiss because she was hiding under the bed, but more than likely the animal felt the uncontrollable tremors shaking Kate’s body.

          Her fear already threatened to overwhelm her, but when she heard the front door close, her heart started pounding in her ears, the noise drumming in her head. Her heart beat so rapidly that it started to ache in her cramped, fetal position. She wondered if a twenty-year-old heart could cease working from fear alone.

           Kate shooed Tut away when she heard the footsteps coming up the stairway and heading toward her room, this way the cat wouldn’t give away her hiding place or find himself trampled when Ernest started swinging at her. Each pounding step that Ernest took towards her felt like a physical blow, her body lurched and trembled at every footfall. When she could see Ernest’s booted feet beneath the door, she made a desperate prayer. “Dear Lord, please don’t let him kill me.”

           She bit her lower lip to keep from whimpering, wanting to close her eyes and imagine herself someplace else. Anyplace else. As her body stiffened in anticipation for the onslaught of punches that were sure to come, she whispered, “Please go away, please go away.”

           The door slammed open and bounced off the wall with a resounding crash. Ernest always left the door open for he thought it a valuable lesson if the slaves heard Kate’s cries of pain. What better way to keep them in line, than if they feared they would be next?

           Kate was a bit relieved when she saw Tut escape out the door. How she wished she had the ability to turn herself into a flea and jump onto Tut’s back and join him.

           She could only see the lower half of Ernest’s body, but his stance was surely that of a man incensed. He wasn’t a large man by any means. He had a slim build and was average height. She saw him cross the room to her nightstand and knew he was removing his round black-framed glasses so they wouldn’t become damaged. Just because he wasn’t large didn’t make him any less threatening.


Turbulent Beginnings. NEW RELEASE, e-book available at Amazon. 

To dream or not to dream…

Kate Bancroft is not your average plantation raised lady. She does not dream that her prince will come, nor does she imagine a happily-ever-after. Indeed, she wishes her life were as simple that she could enjoy such fanciful dreams.

Cole Stanton, Marquess of Geary, future Duke of Scottsdale, considers himself a Lothario. He’s challenged when he comes across hunted American beauty Kate Bancroft and deems it his responsibility to keep her safe. Lost on the high seas, Kate and Cole realize pirates are the least of their concerns.

A home to call my own…

Once in England, Kate strives to make it on her own merits, while circumstances continue to conspire against her. Villains from Kate’s past set forth a series of lies and deceit that result in her abduction. Lies unfold to reveal truth as Kate comes face to face with her supposedly deceased biological father.