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London’s Quest

A Desperate Escape…

London Miranda Burton has been dying inside since she lost her son. In a desperate attempt to feel alive once more, she quits her job and travels to London, England. While visiting a historic pub, she’s pulled into a hidden time portal against her will. London finds herself hurtled into the nineteenth century.

Three Angry Regency Lords…

Lord Nankin, Declan Devinn, has his hands full with his seven siblings, his soon-to-open gentlemen’s club, and the English government, the representatives of which don’t wish to see him quit his life as a spy. Then a beautiful woman from the twenty-first century tumbles into his life. Regardless of his responsibilities, Declan is drawn to London Burton in a way he’s never felt toward any woman.

Chaos Ensues…

London finds herself constantly blundering in the social setting into which she has been thrust, and she yearns for home. But Declan will do whatever it takes to capture this special beauty’s heart and make her stay with him forever. When London’s arrested for treason and later taken hostage by a traitor to the Crown, Declan proves he’s a man she can count on – and she only had to travel more than 150 years into the past to find him.

London’s Quest is a fast reading, humorous romp. Don’t miss the next book in the Destiny Series, Desirea’s Escape, the story about the mega-celebrity Desirea Leighton who was responsible for pulling London Burton into the time portal while fleeing a stalker.

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Throughout his life, Aiden Northwood, the Earl of Sinclair, was told by his mother that Lady Veronica Witley was responsible for taking away his father’s love. After the passing of his father, Aiden travels to London to right the wrongs of his past.


Lydia Witley doesn’t know what to make of the dashingly handsome Aiden Northwood. The man blatantly jeopardizes her reputation with his obvious desire of her, and yet her resistance toward him is futile. Lydia knows with surety that they will marry and she awaits the earl’s proposal with growing impatience.

When lies unfold turning existing love into a travesty, can second chances and forgiveness be found?

The Vengeful Earl is a historical romance set in the Regency Period during the Napoleonic Wars. It is book two in the Bewildering Love Series.

The Perfect Suitor

The Feeling of Destiny…

Lady Evelyn Marie Manning has arrived from the countryside to experience the excitement and entertainments found at the height of the London season. Intent on finding the perfect suitor, Eve doesn’t have the Londoner’s learned ability to hide her feelings behind polished manners.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy…

Paxton Witley is in London for one reason: to find his sister a husband. Due to a past betrayal, Paxton steers clear of marriage minded ladies with a penchant to trick him to the marriage altar. Nevertheless, his distrust towards women begins to change when he meets the honest and forthright Lady Evelyn Manning.

Passions Ignite…

Danger comes in many forms during the Napoleonic war. When Eve learns that one of her suitors is a member of a French spy group infiltrating the London elite, she decides to do some spying of her own, putting her life in jeopardy and her reputation in peril.

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A case of mistaken identity…

Shunned by the majority of people she meets due to her illegitimacy, Abigail Gibbons is grateful when she’s summoned from school by the Earl of Waterford to become his wife’s paid companion. But unbeknownst to Abigail, the earl passes, leaving Abigail’s uncertain future in his grandson, Jackson Danvers, hands. Upon meeting Abigail, Jackson serves her the greatest insult by accusing her of being his late grandfather’s paramour. But the recently widowed Lady Waterford is sweet, and Abigail takes the needed position, which earns her a constant viewing of the man who’s hooded gazes and lingering stares make her blood simmer with desire.

A switch at birth…

To procure himself a necessary heir, the late Earl of Waterford switched his granddaughter Abigail Gibbons for a baby boy, Jackson Sethos Rameses Danvers, the newly made Earl of Waterford. The same domineering man who falls hopelessly in love and marries his grandmother’s too lovely companion―only to have her deceive him in the end.

A family secret revealed…

Through, society’s censure, an attempt to end Abigail’s life, a mother who believes siblings are about to wed, and Jackson finding out his life is made up of falsehoods, Abigail and Jackson’s love triumphs over the challenges. The headstrong Abigail refuses to allow her one true chance at happiness to slip away without a battle, while Jackson discovers how everything pales in comparison to Abigail’s love. He realizes he is the man Abigail deserves…a man who has nothing left to lose but his heart.

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Tormented by the past …  

Warin Vanhorn, the Marquess of Wintergale, is one of England’s heroes. After fighting valiantly in the war against Bonaparte, he has tried to fall back into the routine of his old life. But life at the orchard cannot be calm when the sounds of his dying men continue to haunt him and turn him violent, leaving him to escape these nightmares with heavy doses of laudanum.

A strong-willed woman…

Helena Dabney is different from many ladies when it comes to knowing the details of wartime. She views Warin Vanhorn as an untouchable, a man she has read about in every paper she could get her hands on, but never in a million years does she think to ever meet him. And yet fate has other plans.

Love wins the battle…

With hemlock poisoning, an eccentric aunt, secret mistresses, addictions, and betrayals of friendship, one can safely say that life at Wintergale Orchards is never dull.

The Wallflower’s Godmother

Excerpt from Turbulent Beginnings: The moment the Marquess of Geary, Cole Stanton meets America adversary Captain Pipperton.


Cole felt someone approach the porch behind him and turned. At Maxwell’s groan of frustration, Cole’s interest in the newcomer increased ten-fold.

“Captain Pipperton, what splendid timing.” Maxwell’s sarcasm wasn’t lost on anyone and the man hurried to greet the captain at the door, but Cole was blocking the entrance.

“Captain Pipperton, I’m Lord Geary.” Cole introduced himself to the large man with dark bulbous eyes. His black hair was slicked back and tied with a leather band at the nape of his brawny neck. “And how are you affiliated with Mr. Maxwell?” Cole didn’t care if his question was out of line, he could feel the tension fill the air and he was curious to know why it was there.

Captain Pipperton gave him a wide grin and then glanced over at Maxwell. Cole vaguely noticed Miss Bancroft cowering in the background.

“I’m Miss Bancroft’s intended.” He boasted smugly as he moved around Cole to stand next to Maxwell inside the house.

“Miss Kate Bancroft?” Cole questioned and all the men looked back at the young brunette lady in question. Cole saw her one uninjured eye widen in what he assumed to be panic.

“Heaven help us if there were more.” Pipperton turned back to Cole with a laugh.

Cole couldn’t help himself. The lack of empathy was his breaking point. He pulled his arm back and punched Captain Pipperton in his big grinning face. The man went down like a large tree. “As my father is fond of saying, ‘The bigger they are, the harder they fall.’”

Cole winked at Miss Bancroft and bowed to Maxwell. His mood felt lighter as he took one last look at the unconscious abuser. “Good day, Maxwell.” He left without a backward glance and jumped into the vehicle next to Harrison, feeling vindicated.

As the carriage shot off down the driveway, Harrison couldn’t help but laugh. “Was that the man, my lord?”

“Responsible for my father’s stolen shipments?” Cole ran the possibility through his head. “Of that I’m not certain, but the man deserved far more than being knocked on his ass. His petite young fiancée was inside and she looked like someone dropped a house on her due to his heavy hand.”

“I see.”  Harrison said nothing more as the carriage continued on its way.


Turbulent Beginnings is available in ebook at B & N, Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, and more. The paperback is available through Amazon.;jsessionid=FDC0C5A2796225CC3DA081F818217548.prodny_store01-atgap09?ean=2940163126873