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Nomizo Falls

Nomizo Falls in Chiba, Japan 

Me Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai’s terraced rice fields.

The Quiraing, Skye, self-portrait by Robert Wh…

The Quiraing, Skye, self-portrait by Robert White

Iceland, Mount Kirkjufell

Northern lights can usually be seen in Iceland from September to April

Lake Kayangan

Coron Island, Philippines


Gigi Hiu Beach

Gigi Hiu Beach, Indonesia. Gigi Hiu means shark teeth. The
beach gained this name due to the rocks resembling shark teeth. 

Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale, Turkey. Although this natural wonder looks like
snow and ice, it’s actually a layer of calcium carbonate left behind by the hot
water springs. The cliffs and terraces continually form as water falls over

Bohol Island Chocolate Hills

Bohol Island Chocolate Hills in the Philippines. This geological
formation has roughly 1,776 coral limestone karst domes that are nearly uniform
in shape. These hills are a vibrant green most of the year, and turn brown in
the dry months, giving them the name Chocolate Hills. 

Victoria Falls