Castle Of Val

The Castle of Val is located in the town of Lanobre and sits on the edge of Lake Bort-les-Orgues in the region of Artense in France. There’s a footbridge that leads to the castle. The castle began as a fief in the 13thcentury and was owned by the Tinières family, then sold to Pierre de Pierrefort.It was William IV of Estaing, chamberlain to King Charles VII, governor and seneschal of Rouergue, and bailiff of Nimes, who purchased Val and built the current castlein the 15thcentury. The castle changed hands many times through the centuries. In the mid-20thcentury,the castle was owned by the French Electricity board and suffered from neglect. At one point the castle sat on a park setting, but over the decades the artificial lake covered the park due to the dam that was built. In 1953, the castle was purchased by the local municipality of Bort les Orgues, who restored the castle and turned it into a tourist attraction. The castle boasts six crowned towers with machicolations. The main courtyard has a Gothic vault that is dedicated to Saint-Blaise. The interior has large rooms on the lower floor decorated in the 19thcentury style, while the upper floor is reserved for contemporary art exhibits. There’s also a 15thcentury chapel on the property. Val Castle is open to the public. #France #Castles #CastleOfVal #ValCastle #Lanobre #LakeBort