Cluny Castle

Cluny Castle is located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The castle was built in 1604 in a Z-plan design, which has a rectangular tower and smaller towers attached at opposite corners. It was Sir Thomas Gordon’s son, John Gordon who built the castle to replace an earlier house. By 1636, debt and reconstruction caused a financial burden and creditors mostly held the property until 1680, when it became the property of Robert Gordon. Cluny Castle passed between various branches of the Gordon family for close to 400 years. The castle served as a shelter against the Jacobite rebels in the 18thcentury. Colonel Gordon further extended the castle with several additions around 1820. This work took several years as the old castle was covered in granite to blend in with the new extensions. The estate went into a trust since Colonel Gordon had no heirs. Two wings of the castle and the adjoining chapel were destroyed by fire in 1926, but were restored. After the death of the colonel’s wife, the estate was passed to his cousin, Charles Arthur Linzee, who adopted the name Linzee Gordon to comply with the codicil on Colonel Gordon’s will. As of 2016, the castle has been privately owned by the Baron of Cluny, Cosmo Linzee Gordon, who did extensive renovations to the castle. Cluny Castle has circular towers, arched windows, and crenellated parapets all nestled in acres of parkland down a tree-lined drive. Cluny Castle is not open to the public, but it is available for corporate events and weddings in the chapel. #Castles #ClunyCastle #Scotland #Aberdeenshire #WeddingVenue #CastleWeddings