Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House is located in Derbyshire, England. The property is mentioned in the 11thcentury and serves as the seat of the Dukes of Devonshire. The property was a small estate until the 15thcentury when the Leche family built a house on the high ground in the southeastern section of the garden. The home was sold to Sir William Cavendish, Treasurer of the King’s Chamber in 1549 and has been home to the Cavendish family ever since. Cavendish’s wife, Bess of Hardwick began to build a new Tudor mansion with a large central courtyard by the river in 1553. The mansion sits on the east bank of the Derwent River on a huge estate that has an Elizabethan garden, heather moors, rocky hills, and woods. After the death of William, Bess remarried George Talbot, 6thEarl of Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury was entrusted with the custody of Mary, Queen of Scots and she was brought as a prisoner many times to Chatsworth House. Mary was housed on the top floor above the great hall, appropriately titled Queen of Scots room. Chatsworth was occupied by both sides during the Civil War between Parliamentarians and Royalists. The 4th Earl of Devonshire reconstructed the house in 1687; he became the 1stDuke in 1694 for helping to put William of Orange on the English throne. The 1stduke created a suite of Baroque rooms. The 2ndand 3rdDukes of Devonshire added to the homes collections of paintings, coins, Roman sculptures, and furniture. The 4th duke altered the mansion as he wished to enter his home from the west and he didn’t want to see the stables from the house. The 6thduke built a North wing to serve as a sculpture gallery, while repurposing other rooms to house his library of books. He also loved to entertain and in 1832, Princess Victoria, later Queen Victoria, visited Chatsworth house with her mother, the Duchess of Kent. In the 20thcentury, after the passing of the 8thduke, death taxes and the 6thduke’s extravagances caused the estate to be burdened with debt, which caused some of the property and books to be sold. The house has a long, fascinating history. Early in 2018, a 42 million dollars restoration project was implemented by the current 12thDuke of Devonshire. This refurbishment was instituted because the house had no Wi-Fi service. Nevertheless, the money also went toward cleaning the exterior sandstone, applying gold to the window bars, and more. The mansion has served as a backdrop for many in the film industry. Chatsworth House is open to the public and has a farmyard café.