Lancellotti Castle

Lancellotti Castle is located in Lauro, Italy. The castle was built in 976 A.D. in the homonym valley by the Lombard dukes. Due to the turbulent history surrounding Lancellotti Castle, the castle switched ownership many times throughout its history. In 1277, the castle was owned by Margherita de Toucy, followed by the ownership of the Principality of Salermo during the Langobardic period, the Counts of Saverino rebuilt the castle during the Norman period, and then the Pignatelli family took ownership. In 1632, the castle was purchased by the Lancellotti family, the current owners of the castle. The castle suffered through fire in 1799, which was caused by the French. The castle was rebuilt in 1872 and inaugurated by Prince Don Filippo Massimo Lancellotti. Lancellotti Castle is situated upon a hill in a 19thcentury style garden with an inner courtyard featuring a fountain and Roman architectural elements. There is a second courtyard that leads to the family chapel. The castle is made from a hodgepodge of architecture styles including Gothic, Neoclassical, Baroque, and Renaissance. The castle has square towers, crenellated walls, a secret garden, a family chapel, a music room, a weapons room, a library, and a pharmacy. Lancellotti Castle is open to the public. #ProvinceOfAvelino #Italy #Castles #Lauro #LancellottiCastle