Kinfauns Castle

Kinfauns Castle is located in Perth, Scotland. Lord Gray built the castle in 1822-1826 on the site of a previous medieval stronghold. The gothic castellated castle stands two stories high with three story towers, a central flag tower, turrets, a large terrace, and battlements. An arboretum was built in the mid-19thcentury, along with a formal and walled garden, which is now occupied by private houses. The arboretum was said to house over 30 trees, which remained in the arboretum until 1970. The property has views of River Tay with woodlands to the north, and agricultural lands to the south and east. The 17thLord Gray commissioned improvements to the castle and structures on the estate until his death in 1930. The castle served as a hotel in the late 20thcentury, boasting 16 luxurious bedrooms, marble fireplaces, and opulent public rooms. In 2004, businesswoman Ann Gloag purchased the castle as a private residence. Ann is considered Scotland’s richest woman. Ann founded a stagecoach bus and rail company. She also owns Beaufort Castle and Balcraig House. Kinfauns Castle is not open to the public.