Kinloch Castle

Kinloch Castle is located on the Isle of Rum off the west coast of Scotland. Built in the late 19thcentury, the mansion served as a residence for Sir George Bullough. George’s father, John Bullough, was a textile mill owner from Lancaster who rented Rum Isle for a number of years before deciding to buy it. John purchased the island to create a shooting reserve, and he introduced more deer and game birds, as well as trees to the property. Unfortunately, John died in 1891, and George inherited the property, building a Doric temple mausoleum to his father on the land. George had the castle built in the castellated Tudor style, using red sandstone. The castle had its own electricity supply, modern plumbing, heating, and a telephone system. George owned a yacht and sailed around the world, becoming friends with the Japanese Emperor. There is evidence of this friendship represented throughout the castle, like the gift of the bronze Monkey Eating Eagle in the grand hall. The castle boasts a music hall with a mechanical orchestrion, a golden ballroom, a paneled dining room, a library, a drawing room, and a shower bath with multiple water jets. The property has formal and informal gardens, including a water garden and a walled garden. There’s also a golf course, a bowling green, and greenhouses. It is believed that at one time the castle also had a palm house that housed hummingbirds, turtles, and alligators. George and his wife, Monica, held lavish parties for the wealthy in the opulent surroundings they created. Monica was claimed to be a descendent of one of Napoleon’s sisters. In 1901, King Edward VII knighted George for his efforts in the Second Boer War. George died in 1939 while on a golfing holiday in France, and in 1957, the Bullough Trustees sold the Island of Rum with the exception of the family mausoleum. Due to the flat roofs of the castle and the amount of rain on the island, Kinloch Castle has undergone numerous repairs. The Scottish Natural Heritage, who operated the castle as a hostel until 2015, currently owns Kinloch Castle and Rum Island. Kinloch Castle is open to the public for tours. #Castles #KinlochCastle #IsleOfRum #Scotland