Kilcroney House

Kilcroney House is located in County Wicklow in Kilcroney, Ireland. The two-story Tudor style country house was built in 1835. The castle has a series of gabled wings, with natural slate finishing the pitched roof. In 1668, Brian McAlexander Toole owned the property, but the lands were confiscated by King Charles II as punishment for Toole’s involvement in a local rebellion. The king granted the lands to Sir William Flower. During the mid 17thcentury, public hangings took place on this site from the trees that overhang the Dargle River, which runs past the land. The castle houses one of the oldest churches in Ireland and serves as a national monument. The castle served as a private residence and had many owners until 1933 when the castle was transformed into the Kilcroney Hotel. In 1951, Sir Basil Goulding purchased the property and the castle became a golf and sports club: the first country club in Ireland. In 1955, Kilcroney House was taken over by the Hosteller Order of St. John of God and used as a Juniorate school and retreat. In 1994, the castle came under the ownership of the Legionaries of Christ and now serves as the Dublin Oak Academy. The school boasts a chapel, classrooms, science lab, computer lab, game room, dormitories, three full size football pitches, three tennis courts, two gyms, and a pitch and putt area for golf. Although the Kilcroney House has undergone numerous renovations, most of the original detail and character remain.