Toledo Salamanca


Yes, this question has popped up now and then. The brief answer is no, there is no historic weapon known as a “Toledo Salamanca Broadsword”. The sword from the film looks to be a rapier.
The term “Toledo Salamanca” is taken from an “inside joke”: Toledo refers to the source for the hilt of the sword – it was made in Spain by one of the large manufacturers there (most likely Marto). The blade, on the other hand, was made by Dr. Jim Hrisoulas, who owns Salamander Armoury. “Salamanca” is “Salamander” is Spanish (IIRC). Hence, Toledo Salamanca.
It seemed to be fairly common in the Highlander movies and TV series for mass-produced Spanish swords to be refitted with other blades (usually aluminum) for fight scenes.
Overall length – 43"
Blade length – 36" from cross
Blade width – 1 ¼" at widest