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Medieval Gold ‘All My Heart’ Posy Ring, found at Corfe Castle, England, War of the Roses era, 14th-15th Century

Engraved with reserved acanthus leaves separating three reserved scrolls inscribed in Black Letter French script ‘tout mou couer’ (with ‘mou’ being a variant spelling for ‘mon’ and thus reading ‘All my Heart.’

The ring dates to the Wars of the
Roses period, at a time when English was the Common tongue and Latin the
language of the Church and law but French was still the language of the
Court, of chivalry and of love; its French inscription embodies the
Medieval ideals of love and it would have been the gift to a noble lady
from her future husband on their betrothal. The story of this ring and
its finding has been filmed, interviewing the late finder and others,
under the title ‘Revealing Secrets’ (Watch video ).

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