Drummond Castle

Drummond Castle is located in Perthshire, Scotland. The estate consists of a 15thcentury tower house and a 17thcentury mansion, both rebuilt during the Victorian period. John Drummond, 1stLord Drummond of Cargill, built the tower house in the 14thcentury. The 4thLord of Drummond became the 1stEarl of Perth and he added to the keep and laid out the first terrace garden in the 1630’s. Cromwell’s army sacked the keep in 1653 during Civil War. The keep was rebuilt with a gatehouse. The 4thEarl of Perth built the mansion house across from the tower, which created an inner courtyard. The Drummonds were Jacobite supporters and their property was seized by the state in the late 1700’s, but then later sold to Captain John Drummond. It was Captain John, and later his daughter and her husband, who improved the castle and created further formal gardens and terraces in the 1830’s. Queen Victoria visited the gardens in 1842. Drummond Castle passed to the 24thBaroness Willoughby de Eresby, and then to her son the 1stEarl of Ancaster. In 1842, the upper stories of the tower house were redesigned and heightened in a medieval style. The castle was further renovated in 1878 and the gardens were replanted in the 1950’s. The 28th Baroness Willoughby de Eresby currently owns Drummond Castle. The castle is known for its formal terraced gardens. The tower house is no longer used as a dwelling and is adjoined by the gatehouse built in 1629. Drummond Castle gardens are open to the public.