Kasteel van Wijnendale

Kasteel van Wijnendale is located in the village of
Wijnendale, in West Flanders, Belgium. The castle was reconstructed in the 19th
century, but its north wing is from the 15th century. The present
owners occupy one of the castle wings, while the other wing serves as a museum.
The first castle was built on this site in the 11th century and used
as a base of operations for Robert I, Count of Flanders. Throughout the 12th
and 13th centuries, the castle served as the residence for the
Counts of Flanders. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the
castle was under the control of the Dukes of Burgundy who transformed the
castle into a mansion. In the 17th and 18th centuries,
ownership went to the Dukes of Pfalz-Neuburg. The castle suffered though many
attacks by Louis XIV, and was occupied many times by passing French troops,
even suffering through an explosion when the troops blew up part of the castle.
In 1700, Duke Johann Wilhelm rebuilt the castle. In 1792, due to the French
Revolution, the castle became the property of the French state and was damaged
so badly that it became a ruin. In 1825, the castle estate was sold to the
Walloon Industrial Group, who cut down all the trees before going bankrupt. In
1833, the castle was purchased by banker Josse-Pierre Matthieu who rebuilt the
castle from 1837-1852. The estate passed to his son Joseph who modified the
castle. The Matthieu family still owns the castle today. The museum part of the
castle is open to the public. #Belgium #Castles #KasteelvanWijnendale #Flanders